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With over 30 years of experience, Bluestone Drywall provides the skills and efficiency required to keep projects moving without sacrificing quality. Whether you are creating a project big or small, you can always rely on Bluestone Drywall and their decades of experience to deliver a job well done.

A&E's long running hit series Sell This House: Extreme is back and bigger than ever.

A&E's long running hit series Sell This House: Extreme is back and bigger than ever. Host Tanya Memme and construction expert Charlie Frattini join forces with new designer Daniel Kucan to create a triple tiered approach to extreme renovation and home staging in an effort to help desperate homeowners prepare their difficult-to-sell spaces for today's tough real estate market.

Once again Bluestone is called upon to be part of Charlie’s crew. Season 1 (2011) featured Bluestone in both New York episodes, and in season 2 Bluestone was the contractor for both Boston episodes (June 2012). Starting with the demolition, drywall and carpentry to the tile and the finishing touches Bluestone was very busy on these 5 days of filming. Not the easiest job trying to build in tight spaces when you have 3 hosts and a camera crew standing over you while you are trying to do your work.

The houses are outdated and some in bad condition. When we are done the house looks brand new. Great job Mark, Gerry, Erik, Keith, Rosario, Teo and Francisco. Show airs on Saturday mornings on the A&E Network. In the new season of Sell This House: Extreme Tanya and Charlie continue to confront looming deadlines, hidden cameras, and unpredictable homeowners. Now with the help of a new partner, unconventional and often dramatic design expert Daniel Kucan, the team will tackle massive renovations.

Tough as nails construction expert Charlie smashes through walls, blows out ceilings, tears out complete kitchens and bathrooms, and anything else on Daniel's never-ending list of improvements while Tanya utilizes her very best diplomatic skills to keep them both in line. Extreme times call for extreme measures, and in today's tough real-estate market it's going to take a lot more than de-cluttering and rearranging furniture to get a home sold.

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